In today’s digital world, consumers’ path to purchase almost always includes using a search engine. “Radio Drives Search,” the new study conducted by research company Media Monitors in association with the Radio Advertising Bureau, proves that advertising on radio drives a 29% incremental lift in brand online search results. Radio can play a pivotal role in influencing a consumer’s path to purchase, as they continue to learn about and shop for brands and products across a multitude of devices.

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About Media Monitors

Media Monitors is the nation’s leading network and local monitoring company, serving the media and advertising industries with near real-time intelligence on radio, television, cable, print and display internet. For radio, Media Monitors is the only provider of spot occurrence data in the US. Media Monitors is accredited by the MRC for its US radio, local network and cable television spot monitoring services. Outside the US, Media Monitors tracks a variety of media in major markets including Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa. Media Monitors holds multiple patents for its monitoring and data modeling technologies.

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