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From Local Internet to Radio to Local Cable to Broadcast TV and Newspapers, Media Monitors delivers competitive intelligence in a fast and easy to use web platform. We know advertising.


Audience Reaction

The combination of panelist instant reaction off the PPM with the accurate Media Monitors' information gives you a programming advantage like never before. From the Media Monitors web site, you can retrieve what was played on the air shown in our traditional log format. You can play back the content of what was broadcast. See a graph of the behavior of the audience in the PPM panel. This helps you instantly spot peaks and dips in ratings.


Mscore shows the extent of switching behavior of Nielsen Audio panelists when songs play. Download the Mscore of all songs into GSelector to enhance your music scheduling. Preliminary PPM data is available within 5 days after the measured week, exclusively for subscribers of Audience Reaction®, Mscore and PPM.

Training for all the Media Monitors products and services is provided for free to all subscribers. If you have a need for training, please contact us and let's get you into one of the training sessions below.

Sessions are focused upon the media types you have access to. If you had a log in with a previous employer let us know with which company and we will just transfer it. Otherwise, please select one of the training sessions below based on your company's data license.

To book a training session e-mail Capacitación en español disponible a petición, contacte: FormaciónEnEspañ

Media Monitors Training Schedule

Days Session Times Media
Monday 12:30 PM Quick Start*
Monday 3:00 PM Quick Start* (Spanish)
Tuesday 12:30 PM Radio
Tuesday 3:00 PM MM Analytics Training
Wednesday 3:00 PM Quick Start*
Thursday 12:30 PM MM Analytics Training
Thursday 3:00 PM Radio
Friday 12:30 PM Quick Start*
Friday 3:00 PM Quick Start*

* Quick Start - Introduction to ad intel data and basic report generation
Focused on new users with multimedia subscriptions


The Leader in Local Media Monitoring

Media Monitors is the nation’s leading network and local monitoring company, serving the media and advertising industries with near real-time intelligence on radio, television, cable, print and display internet. For radio, Media Monitors is the only provider of spot occurrence data in the US. Media Monitors is accredited by the MRC for its US radio, local network and cable television spot monitoring services. Outside the US, Media Monitors tracks a variety of media in major markets including Canada, Ireland, Australia, India, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa. Media Monitors holds multiple patents for its monitoring and data modeling technologies.

Media Monitors is a valuable tool for the advertising industry. Ad agencies, advertisers, media planners, media buyers and advertising research & analytics teams depend on Media Monitors to fast and accurate information.

We have been serving media outlets for more than a decade. We deliver competitive intelligence to radio station sales and management teams, Broadcast TV and Local Cable sales, research and management teams, newspaper research and sales team and digital sales teams focused on local analysis.

Our new MM Direct Response is a specific product for that industry and our political advertising data helps candidates and their campaign managers gain insight and use actionable data both locally and nationally.

Media Monitors delivers 89% of all media advertising in the US.


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